Spicylicious Margarita

Spicylicious Margarita

Again, I’ve been neglecting my fine food blog. I think my main issue is how time consuming it is to translate and write recipes, especially when, for the most part, I don’t even have one! But tonight I made an awesomesauce drink, so I just have to share it. Also drink recipes are way easier than a complete meal 🙂

Anyways, two weeks ago I went on a happy hour with a group of new colleagues. We celebrated that out three day face-to-face training was completed. Ofc I took the initiative to find an appropriate locaton for this event. I turned to one of my favorite friends in restaurant life – Yelp! Found a bar two minutes away, called the Blind Goat. Great happy hour, and I was excited to try the majority of the cocktails on the menu. But the one that really caught my attention was the Jalapeño Cilantro Margarita. I love Margaritas, and cilantro, and jalapeños – it was the perfect combination for me. So I ordered it, with two other girls. And it was freakin’ amazing. It was almost like enjoying an entire meal right there, in that tiny little glass. So I had to make it myself!

Tonight I didn’t have fresh jalapeños in the fridge, but I had a red hatch chili (I think that’s what it was called), so I figured that should do the trick. Holy moly it sure did do the trick, spicylicious is definitely the correct description. It made my lips swell, LOL! So for the recipe – I will only recommend you guys to muddle ONE sliced ring of chili, not two. Or if you’re sensitive, maybe don’t muddle it at all.


Spicylicious Cilantro Chili Margarita (1 glass)
1,25 oz Tequila
0,75 oz Cointreau
1 sliced ring of fresh chili pepper or preferrably jalapeño
2 spigs of fresh cilantro
1,5-2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
Salt for glass rim

Pour the Tequila into a shaker. Add the cilantro + chili, muddle gently. Fill up with ice and add all other ingredients. Shake it all up and strain into a glass. If needed, adjust the amount of lime juice and simply syrup to taste. Also make sure to add extra salt to the rim!! For anyone who never decorated the rim with salt; drag a piece of lime around the rim, then dip in course salt.  Enjoy & decorate with a cilantro leaf. Yum!


Langos Recipe

Langos Recipe

Alright everyone, finally I have taken the time to translate my Swedish Langos recipe to English!!!! So whoever wants to fry up their own dough European style, keep scrolling down!

Now again, since I am soo slow in posting on my blog two Sunday dinners have already passed, and I have so many lovely pictures to post. Last weekend I went a little nuts with my GOT dinner plans.. I like going nuts with food. So I made a really cute looking menu, the theme for the night was “Celebrating the Life of Babe” aka PORK NIGHT! We did bacon wrapped pickles, sous vide pork tenderloin with a delicious smokey whiskey sauce and bacon cannolis!! Yess, that’s right – Bacon Cannoli. I am probably going to have to post the recipe of the dessert some other day, because they turned out really cute & delish. Especially with an adult floater = Vanilla Gelato in Sparkling wine. Yum. This past Sunday we got to explore another theme at Casa de Guarino Busquet: They took us to Dorne!!! For all of you none GOT geeks out there, Dorne is an awesome place to be. At least when you’re exploring Dorne in Brandon. Spanish influenced Cuisine. We got sangria with tapas: Manchego Cheese, Really awesome lemon/olive oil/chili olives that we’re just a tiny bit warm & heated smoked paprika almonds. Main course was Paella with giant shrimps, chorizo and mussels. Dessert was Crema Catalana which is smilar to a Creme Brulée. It was all very awesome and I will be posting pictures. But for today; it’s langos time! This recipe is enough for about 4 people.

Langos Recipe (about 12 pieces)
25 g of yeast, 1 and 2/3 package of Instant Yeast
3 dl water (1 + 1/4 cup)
1 tsp salt
1 boiled potato
7 dl flour (about 3 cups)

Make the dough:
Mix the yeast in room tempered water. Add salt once yeast is dissolved. Mash the potato with a fork. Add potato and flour to the water. Work the dough smooth by hand, or use a kitchen aid if you have it. Let the dough rest for 40 minutes. Then work the dough smooth on a floured table, split into 12 pieces. Shape into oval bread looking pieces then let them rest for another 10-15 minutes. Fry until golden in 180.C (356 degrees fahrenheit). Flip once to make sure both sides look good.

Then you serve them up with some garlic butter, sour cream, shrimp, red onion and cheese. Delish!!!