Langos Recipe

Langos Recipe

Alright everyone, finally I have taken the time to translate my Swedish Langos recipe to English!!!! So whoever wants to fry up their own dough European style, keep scrolling down!

Now again, since I am soo slow in posting on my blog two Sunday dinners have already passed, and I have so many lovely pictures to post. Last weekend I went a little nuts with my GOT dinner plans.. I like going nuts with food. So I made a really cute looking menu, the theme for the night was “Celebrating the Life of Babe” aka PORK NIGHT! We did bacon wrapped pickles, sous vide pork tenderloin with a delicious smokey whiskey sauce and bacon cannolis!! Yess, that’s right – Bacon Cannoli. I am probably going to have to post the recipe of the dessert some other day, because they turned out really cute & delish. Especially with an adult floater = Vanilla Gelato in Sparkling wine. Yum. This past Sunday we got to explore another theme at Casa de Guarino Busquet: They took us to Dorne!!! For all of you none GOT geeks out there, Dorne is an awesome place to be. At least when you’re exploring Dorne in Brandon. Spanish influenced Cuisine. We got sangria with tapas: Manchego Cheese, Really awesome lemon/olive oil/chili olives that we’re just a tiny bit warm & heated smoked paprika almonds. Main course was Paella with giant shrimps, chorizo and mussels. Dessert was Crema Catalana which is smilar to a Creme Brulée. It was all very awesome and I will be posting pictures. But for today; it’s langos time! This recipe is enough for about 4 people.

Langos Recipe (about 12 pieces)
25 g of yeast, 1 and 2/3 package of Instant Yeast
3 dl water (1 + 1/4 cup)
1 tsp salt
1 boiled potato
7 dl flour (about 3 cups)

Make the dough:
Mix the yeast in room tempered water. Add salt once yeast is dissolved. Mash the potato with a fork. Add potato and flour to the water. Work the dough smooth by hand, or use a kitchen aid if you have it. Let the dough rest for 40 minutes. Then work the dough smooth on a floured table, split into 12 pieces. Shape into oval bread looking pieces then let them rest for another 10-15 minutes. Fry until golden in 180.C (356 degrees fahrenheit). Flip once to make sure both sides look good.

Then you serve them up with some garlic butter, sour cream, shrimp, red onion and cheese. Delish!!!


Time to get back into it

Time to get back into it

So I feel like it has been forever since I updated my blog, which it has! It is crazy how fast a whole year goes by. I have always enjoyed writing and I love to cook, none of that has changed, so I’m making a promise to myself to spend some more time with my blog and keep you guys updated on the life in America and the food I am cooking. I haven’t even posted anything about the fact that we bought a house. We are officially homeowners in the US of f-ing A! Which feels pretty awesome, and a little bit scary because we’re now officially live-living here. We did enjoy our year and a half with our Italian son George, and honestly I had a little separation anxiety when we were ready to move out. I don’t like to move around, and whenever I settle down somewhere it becomes my home. I couldn’t wait to get out of our overprized rental apartment in Noho because the management sucked, and we spent way too much money on a one bedroom apartment. But we had so many nice memories from that place, so it was still sad to move out when we finally ended our lease. So as much as I was dying to have my own house, my own kitchen, filled with only my stuff, my own yard, and being able to walk around butt naked if I want to without taking anyone else into consideration, it was still kind of sad to leave Brandon and George behind.

Now luckily George got himself a really nice girlfriend who we also love to hang out with, so we’re continuing our previous Game of Thrones tradition – dinner and GOT Sundays! And this time we are alternating locations on a regular basis: one week at Grace (our house) and the next in Brandon. I totally love it! This means I get to plan a dinner every other week and that makes me very excited J Last Sunday I made Vietnamese Spring rolls for appetizer, hubby made the dough for the Langos as an entrée and we sampled 4 different beers to that. Because we’re trying to not go all over board with our munchies there was only a banana bread beer for dessert – which was pretty delish! Also I made an Aperol Sprits as an aperitif, which is a delicious and simple drink – I will write the recipe below!

Because I’ve completely lost my blogging inspiration I didn’t even remember to take a picture of the spring rolls…. But I do have an old recipe with old pictures right Here!! And for those who doesn’t know what Langos is: it is basically a fried dough, which you load up with garlic butter, red onions, sour cream, cheese and shrimp. I wasn’t sure about the recipe because we had never used it before but it really turned out great! Except for that one dough ball that was smashed aggressively on the kitchen counter which resulted in a dough explosion all over a kitchen cabinet and onto the floor. This is a risk you’ll have to calculate when attempting to make Langos. Dough will be sticky and not always your friend. I am going to translate the recipe and post it in a couple of days. For now I just kind of wanted let you know that I will be posting more often now. Because I like it and it keeps me inspired. Have a good weekend everyone, and make yourself an Aperol Sprits!

Aperol Sprits (1 glass)
¼ cup (60 ml) Aperol (liquor)
¼ cup (60ml) Orange Juice
¾ cup Prosecco; basically a quarter of a bottle

Fill a large wine glass with lots of ice, add Aperol & OJ and mix. Top it with Prosecco and stir carefully. Serve with our without straw depending on your mood!

Since, again, I’ve forgotten about the life as a blogger I didn’t take a picture of the Aperol Sprits. Instead I’ll share a picture of one of the Champagne nights we had in Sweden. 19453230_10158971957760441_5875698209913659487_o